Parasite led Bile Duct Cancer

Today, Thai doctors are trying their best to rectify an identified Parasite induced Inflammation that develops into bile duct cancer (over a prolonged period)…

The concept on inflammation and cancer is not new but few of us realize the implications — 

  • Chronic inflammation is the accumulation of the very first inflammation, that has taken place over a prolonged period of time. It doesn’t happen overnight. 
  • Unregulated inflammation is a sign that our immune system is over burdened. 

If today, you realize that all it takes is for the type of vegetable oil to potentially spur on the domino effect, would you take steps to eradicate this probability? Or wait and see? 

Someone told me, health is only a means to an end. I certainly wish him wisdom or good health, or perhaps a finely calibrated balance of both.   

Who is our best doctor? 

If today, our immune system shuts down, nothing short of a miracle can save us. That is, if we even want to be saved in the first place to continue a poorer quality of life. 

Start cherishing our immune health today. Nourish it well. 


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