Carpe Diem

Everyday is a day of Possibility!

Every second, every minute, we are making a choice. We can either choose to react to our circumstance or make the best out of it. It’s all in the mind.

I learnt in meditation that it is not the negative thoughts that we must resist. Resistance is like going against the “force”. In order to “win” the force, one needs greater force to overcome it. Sometimes, it is futile, sometimes, we can get drained out.

Instead, we could embrace the thought and acknowledge it. The negativity is there, but it wouldn’t come without reason. It helps to figure why, and address the root.


Now, imagine yourself as a child. When we have done something wrong and we run to our parents, how did it feel when they would lash out at us to get us to quieten down vs if they were to first offer solace to calm us down before solving the problem together?

The same goes with thoughts. The more we try to suppress, the less likely we will  be able to succeed. What’s most important is, the heart must be truly convinced for us to move on.




Cheers to a larger life!

Jeanne 🙂


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