Our 5 Best Friends

“You are the average of the FIVE people you spend the most time with”

– Jim Rohn

Our experiences shape our perspective, and our perspective influences our attitude to our lives.

Most of us only start to appreciate living through adversity. That’s not totally bad though, because, in adversity often lies opportunity. Opportunity for betterment, or, a dive to a deeper hell. In general, we look to people to lift us through the chaos, and depending on the people we associate with, it can make or break us.

Please choose purposefully. If you find yourself living in constant negativity, you might want to look beyond your circle. Look for the people who have been though it and succeeded. I’m not suggesting that you dissociate from people who are negative, rather, if you find someone with an immense positive demeanor, hang on to that person and learn from him/ her. An efficacious attitude can rub on and have a positive construct on our perspectives. Until we are confident enough, we can then empower the people around us 🙂

It also helps to Read avidly and widely.

My Five Best Friends are:

  • Jim Rohn-

“You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour”.

The very first quote that struck me at the time when I was looking for additional meaning beyond work. His words add tremendous value to personal growth.

  • Li Ka Shing-

“You can believe in Fung Shui if you want, but ultimately people control their own fate. The most important thing is to improve yourself and give it your best. Then many things previously thought to be impossible will become possible.”

A classic example of the attributes it takes to succeed and the self autopsy to always perform on yourself.

  • Master Hsing Yun-

Fo Guan Shan Master Hsing Yun's writing_modified

Master Hsing Yun is a person I deeply respect. His articles are a good balance between living with Joy, Kindness, Compassion in tandem to Self Management. It fueled my perspective to further hold on to my beliefs to not only better myself, but also embrace and appreciate life. He brings about a lifetime of wisdom and experience based on self retrospection.

  • Mother Teresa-


A saint deeply devoted to the cause of alleviating the poor from their suffering.

  • My Mother –

“I am most proud of my children”. 

Without whom, I would cease to exist.

My mom has a forceful mantle but gentle hands, tough love yet unyielding support for me.  It hadn’t been rosy right from the start, for she had always pushed my frontiers and challenged me to go beyond my level of comfort. I learnt to treasure my relationship with my mom after I became a wife, daughter in law, and a mother. She walked me through the darkest period of my life, when I could think of no one, and provided me with the solace I so badly needed. That’s right. Strong people lift people up. They don’t put people down. She’s a fighter perfectionist who is proud of her kids and always ready to be our mental stronghold.

I am tremendously blessed.

Who are your best friends, and why?

Cheers to a larger life!

Jeanne 🙂


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