Eczema in simple terms – Part 1/3

This series of posts on Eczema is split into 3 parts for easy reading. Part 1 is an explanation of Eczema while Part 2 is about Practical tips to manage Eczema. Part 3 is an in depth discussion of food that can help in improving Chronic Inflammatory conditions such as Eczema.

This is how Eczema looks like.


The red, and flaky patches are chronic “inflammations” of the skin.

If you are suffering from Eczema, it’s an indication that your immune regulation is imbalanced. Many Eczema suffers also find themselves developing or facing higher risks of developing other chronic inflammatory condition such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome rheumatoid arthritis. (Source:

Fortunately, Eczema, as many other chronic inflammatory conditions, can be regulated or even reversed by making appropriate lifestyle adjustments. It is very common in babies, and while most grow out of it, the condition persist for some. It can also be triggered in adulthood.

What causes Childhood Eczema?

Ever wondered why, despite a meticulous routine, Eczema still creeps up in our precious’ dewy soft skin?

Sometimes, it might not be so much of the trigger that matters. New to this world, a baby’s skin is still developing and its immune system is still trying to find the right balance.

Despite its supple appearance, a baby’s skin is 30 percent thinner than an adult’s. There are also less hair and oil secreting glands (sebaceous glands), hence, baby skin is more susceptible to abrasion, dehydration and it is more easily irritable.

Baby eczema commonly occurs along the cheeks, arms and the legs. It can also occur at areas of drool spot causing wet skin.

Common Eczema Triggers

Many things can trigger an eczema reaction. To effectively manage Eczema, we got to identify the root cause and avoid it if possible! Very broadly, these triggers fall into 3 common categories:

  • Man-made chemicals we contact on a daily basis
  • The environment we live in
  • State of our body, with common examples below.


Can Eczema be cured?

Our body knows better.

As Eczema is a syndrome borne out of chronic inflammation, it is possible to reverse this condition is if it is treated at the ROOT cause as an immune system imbalance, not merely a skin condition.

There are practical tips to manage Eczema. Read more about it in Part 2.

Cheers to a larger life!



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