The (first) step towards Success

It’s seemingly practical. 

There are numerous articles that underpin the Secrets to success, yet, the demand for Success related content are ever growing. Since the “secrets” are out, why is it that success still remains so elusively unattainable?

Too many of the people I know of face the same dilemma, and I think this is down to one main question: We don’t know where to start


Q: What is the first step towards Success?

Success is something personal and unique to every individual. Different individuals have different niches, thresholds and hence the expectations for success will differ.

However, being successful often stems from a feeling of prospect. The feeling of prospect comes when you feel empowered to do something.

Thus, the first step to take should involve doing something basic that makes you feel empowered.

I often find that a good starting point is to develop a habit that is related to yourself. Make sure that it is something within reach, e.g. developing a mindful morning routine, or even tasks like cleaning one part of the house at one time. It is basically a “self-declutter” process.

Because it is like getting your life in order, and the goal is simple, you should be able to get into the habit without excessively exhausting yourself. The very act of developing the habit generates a momentum. A momentum that makes you feel like you have control over something and makes you feel empowered to develop even more good habits, progressively bringing you towards your goals. This is self empowerment, and it is independent of the external environment. And from there I always see it: Successful people are seldom daunted by the external environment.

I would summarize it by the below quote:

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” – Jim Rohn

Many people look at success as some kind of dart on the Bull’s eye. It isn’t so elusive. There are no secrets to success.

Cheers to a larger life!



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