Prevention. Stay ahead of cure.

Few people actually benefit from ‘breakthrough’ cancer immunotherapy

Medical breakthroughs have always been a fascinating topic for me.

While I ploughed through the above article, I was struck by the below paragraph.

Cancer treatments “are all too often hailed as miracles, breakthroughs, game-changers, or even cures, even when they are no such thing”

It’s very true. So why not stay ahead of it.

In the US, Cancer is the second leading cause of death.

Research shows that only 5–10% of all cancers appear to be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90%-95% depends upon the environment and our lifestyles…Additionally, the main cause for all cancer deaths are somewhat related to diet. Increasing scientific studies are also showing that inflammation is the link between the factors that cause cancer and the agents that prevent it, and more often than not, inflammation has its roots traced to an imbalance in our intake of nutrition. Chronic inflammation certainly does not build up overnight, and we can drastically reduce our risk of cancer through making simple lifestyle changes.

So, the good news is
  • Genes are absolutely not our fate;
And the better news yet is
  • We are very much in control of our health, just as we are the drivers for our own happiness and success 🙂
As far as we can, a better option would be to focus on prevention 🙂


Cheers to a larger life!



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