Balanced Diet, Beautiful Life.

Take good care of your body, and it will take better care of you- Jeanne, 2017

Anyone disagrees with the above statement?

The good news is, it doesn’t take too much effort to take good care of your body. However, modern day temptations are aplenty, so the challenge lies in maintaining a good balance between having a disciplined lifestyle and breaking out for small treats once in a while.

Q: What entails taking good care of your body?

I live by the below adage:


Literally translated, it means “Sickness enters by the mouth (from eating unwisely), trouble exits from the mouth (by having a poor choice of words)”.

In a nutshell,

Take good care of ourselves = Eat wellThink positive.

Eat well.

Strive for quality, not quantity. Many of my colleagues are appalled at my seemingly inadequate food consumption. A typical (self prepared) lunch at work consists of:

1/4 complex carbohydrates (whole grains) + 1/4 (plant) protein + 5 different colorful varieties of vegetable + dash of healthy oil (e.g. olive oil)


Q: Should we even bother to invest time into the food we eat?

A: I think prevention is better than cure. At the onset of diseases (a more appropriate term is syndrome, as many of the diseases are borne out of unhealthy habits which ironically, we are many a times aware of), it becomes harder to upkeep ourselves with the right food. At certain stages, medication would be necessary. Why wait until then?

To sum it up, Nutrient dense is key. Packed with just enough calories +  rich in natural plant goodness.

It’s not so hard, is it?

Think positive


Think positive…Make less judgements

Think positive…Empower yourself to create the lifestyle you so desire

Think positive…Develop a healthy (exercise and rest) routine

And most important of all…

Think positive…Stay true to yourself.

Because, our success will be capped by our level of conviction towards ourselves (read: commitment to make things work).

If you are not even convinced of your own intent, how on earth do you think you can convince the others?

That’s my thoughts for tonight.

Cheers to a bigger life 🙂


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