Love and Empowerment

Love yourself so that you can love others.

Self empowerment is when you realize that you can empower the people around you to grow to become the person they deserve to be, in ways they never thought they could. It is presumably one of the best gift that we can share AND receive from the people around us. Hence, the best relationships are often those forged from empowerment.

In order to achieve that pure, altruistic love for humanity, we must first be able to love ourselves. In my life experience, I have come across many who are fearful of making mistakes, afraid to be in the wrong. I think that the reason for fear is due to a low self confidence, and one of the cause of low self confidence is because we do not have the courage to face ourselves and accept us for who we are.

Anything on earth is a balance; this includes us as unique, wholesome individuals with limitations and strengths. Be at ease with our inner selves, because only then, will we not be not shy of our flaws and look upon them with different perspective.

In my opinion there are no mistakes, only opportunities to improve, because we always make the best of what we think at the point in time. No one wants to make life worse for themselves.

We astute our strengths and use it to keep improving our circumstance. Until we have that positive energy sink within ourselves, only then can we consistently radiate the love to others.

Expectation is the root of all heartache (Shakespeare)

Lift the expectation of perfectionism on ourselves. When we are able let go of our alter ego, we empower ourselves to unreservedly serve our duties, and achieve greatness.

Cheers to a bigger life!



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